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Acupuncture in Heaton Moor

Acupuncture in Heaton Moor

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"I have got to tell you this... I got asked yesterday what foundation I used because it makes my skin look good. I hardly had any on. I told her my secret!"

Cosmetic acupuncture client Emma

Having suffered with a frozen shoulder for 2 years, caused by over reaching to my daughter's car seat, I was mortified when I managed to damage my right one.  The idea of going through it all again was not an option!


I'd heard of people using acupunture but was sceptical about it.  Desperate to try anything to relieve the pain and lack of mobility, I booked an appointment with Jane. 

After only one session my shoulder was much more comfortable and as the day went on I regained more and more mobility. So much so I had one more session and felt I didn't need any more treatment.

Jane was recommended to me at a time when I was feeling truly awful. I had pursued many other medical treatments with no apparent success.
Jane has managed to unravel and make sense of my symptoms and help me feel like me again. I feel very lucky to have found Jane and my experience with acupuncture has truly been life changing for me.

Gail Cable


If anyone has suffered with a "true" frozen shoulder they'll understand how painful it is.  I can't tell you how grateful I am to Jane, she's a true professional and will go out of her way to ensure you get the very best care and her undivided attention.  I'm definitely a fan and was genuinely amazed with the result!



At my very first session with Jane I was struck by how incredibly caring she was; in addition her knowledge about my chronic condition myalgic encephalomyelitis quickly put me at ease. 

Over the last six months she has made a dramatic difference to my weakened immune system and help me shake off myriad viral infections which I am extremely susceptible to during winter, as well help increase my overall energy levels and ease my stress levels.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jane to anyone battling energy, immunity or stress issues.


Jane allows you to feel instantly at home and relaxed in her therapy room. She has a wealth of knowledge and often shares to enhance your experience and to gain better insight of how our bodies work at many levels. Highly recommend Jane if you are looking for an alternative to Western medicine or health robots.


Having suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome and a catalogue of wide-ranging symptoms for over 10 years, I was recommended acupuncture by a family member. I thought there was nothing to lose after trying almost every other conventional and alternative treatment.


Right from my initial consultation Jane was so welcoming, knowledgeable and dedicated to ensuring I achieved great outcomes from the treatment. The results have been remarkable after more than 10 sessions in her fantastic facility. 


Many of the long-standing, debilitating symptoms have all but disappeared and I feel I have been given the quality of life I didn't think would be afforded to me again. This is all down to calibre of acupuncture Jane has delivered and her genuine determination to restore me to good health. 




I just wanted to thank you so much for making me feel so much better after my sinusitis and flu symptoms. I could breathe after just one session.


My granddaughter recommended Jane to me.  I had had a chest infection for 18 months, which the doctors couldn't shift.  I had eight courses of antibiotics, and one course of steriods, and at one point I was in hospital because of it, for nine days.  

I couldn't shake it.  But having had four sessions with Jane, I am delighted to say that both the cough and the chest infection have gone.  I feel wonderful.

SB (Aged 93)


I decided to give acupuncture a try after hearing Jane speak at my endometriosis group. My back and sciatic pain were becoming unbearable but I got immediate relief even after the first session. I've enjoyed the experience and have really felt the benefits so much that I had my teenage son go for his severe eczema. 

Jane has a way of finding out other health concerns and treating those at the same time. The treatment room has a lovely welcoming atmosphere and is very relaxing. I would recommend anyone give acupuncture with Jane a try.

Julia and Dev

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